The Resurrection Post!

Good Afternoon and Happy Valentine's Day Blog World!

It's time to resurrect my blog! I plan to use this space again for weekly updates. I've made a few other commitments of late and I need to make sure I hold myself accountable. Blogging is how I intend to do so.

I am also beginning to run again - it's been almost a year since my half marathon and it's time. Already on the running docket for the year:

Run the Hood Shamrock Shuffle with Shrinkingjeans.net on March 16th. I'll be running the 5K in my neighborHOOD.

5K - March 30 Wounded Warriers Run

Broad Street 10 miler in Philly. May 4th.

I am part of the amazing Team CMMD working to raise $100,000.00 in the fight against Cancer. They are currently more than halfway there! A.MAZE.ING!! This cool magnet is available online and was designed by my awesome designer friend Leigh. Can't wait to run this race with her and the team! (Support my run here - I need all the help I can get to meet my goal!)

WHEW! Lot of running in my future - but it will be worth it!

Thats all I have for today's first post back. The goal is to return to blogging once a week again by finding One-More-Minute on Sunday's. I can do that!