The Resurrection Post!

Good Afternoon and Happy Valentine's Day Blog World!

It's time to resurrect my blog! I plan to use this space again for weekly updates. I've made a few other commitments of late and I need to make sure I hold myself accountable. Blogging is how I intend to do so.

I am also beginning to run again - it's been almost a year since my half marathon and it's time. Already on the running docket for the year:

Run the Hood Shamrock Shuffle with Shrinkingjeans.net on March 16th. I'll be running the 5K in my neighborHOOD.

5K - March 30 Wounded Warriers Run

Broad Street 10 miler in Philly. May 4th.

I am part of the amazing Team CMMD working to raise $100,000.00 in the fight against Cancer. They are currently more than halfway there! A.MAZE.ING!! This cool magnet is available online and was designed by my awesome designer friend Leigh. Can't wait to run this race with her and the team! (Support my run here - I need all the help I can get to meet my goal!)

WHEW! Lot of running in my future - but it will be worth it!

Thats all I have for today's first post back. The goal is to return to blogging once a week again by finding One-More-Minute on Sunday's. I can do that!


Holiday Feet

I haven't posted a blog post in a long time, or entered a photo to I Heart Faces in quite some time either. 

SO, it's time to do just that. I took this photo yesterday and was going to post it as my photo of the day on my A Day in 365 Photo challenge. I was super excited to see today's category on I Heart Faces was On Your Feet! You'd never guess she is holding a dinosaur toy while being so cute with her holiday dress on!?

I guess I had better get caught up on my 365 posts next.


Holding my nose to the Grindstone

It's been really one of the hardest weeks in a long time for me, but I am pushing forward. Unfortunately, for me, it's not a downtime moment. I have to hit the grindstone and get some work (real work) done, UGH!

The only way I can deal right now is to keep focusing on exercise. And hey, that's good for the body, right?  It doesn't hurt that I am super amped up on adrenaline and cannot stop moving. Last night I got in a super walk/job and then the #tworkout and burned a lot more calories than I have in a while. It kind of beat up my knee a bit, but really the burn felt so good. So good in fact that I did a sprint run again tonight using my Lolo app. It was hard cause it is so freaking hot outside that no one should have been doing said run, but I stayed in the shade and managed 2 miles in 35 min (not really the best speed, but I was trying to take it easy too) and feel so much better now that it is done.

Burst Into Summer Challenge

As for the Burst into Sumer challenge at shrinkingjeans, I think I was up when I weighed in this am, but only by a few ounces. If this adrenaline thing keeps up, I'll be back down again soon, so I hope it does! This is actually my high week in my cycle. So that is promising! I did not do too well with the sleep mini challenge. It is just so hard to get to bed at a normal time. I tend to stay up a bit longer so I can get my son up for a potty break - usually around 11pm. 7 hours means I need to go to bed at 9:30 or 10 at the latest.

This week's challenge is to kick soda - done! I haven't had soda in months. I don't even know how many now, 3 maybe? I did have three cocktails last Friday night, but they were the watery kind and did not draw me back to it's evil clutches. Coffee however, UM, yeah, I think that may be back in my life again. [Today I had a rough time getting it down being all stressed out, but I doubt that is a lasting situation. I am going to need it to get me through this week!!!] I did give it up completely for 5 weeks! Thing is, it did not do anything special for my weight loss, so I feel like as long as I get some caffeine and keep the calories down, It's a good thing - eh?!!

Okay, really now, I could talk all night, but I must get back to the grind!


It's Down Time!

As I start typing this, things are in their normal state of crazy bedtime routine. I had hoped not to be this late checking in, but alas, here I am.

This has been a good week. I don't see it so much on the scale, but I feel better. (Most of the time) I feel like the working out has been effective even though I am not doing the boot camp as I had planned. I have been keeping a close look out on my knee and how it is reacting to what I do, whether it be walking, trying some sprint training, or the tworkout.

All in all this week I added in some hills and a few squats. The sprints were great. (Thanks Lolo Burn) The more frequent walks have been fun (totally loving having a partner to walk with) and yeah (sorry @aprilshowrs), the squats were not the best idea. I'm just glad I stopped at 20.

So, the walk is done for today, healthy food was made for dinner tonight and for lunch tomorrow, the weight is down a tiny bit, the blood pressure is hitting an all time high after putting the kid to bed, and now I am ready for some DOWNTIME for me!


Skip Skip Skip...

Ever sit down to write a post and just feel like you are saying the same old same old? I feel like a broken record. I am always saying my weight is going up and down like a roller coaster or like a yo-yo, but it is so true, so I am skipping that for today and moving on with fun stuff!

Burst Into Summer Challenge

Let's talk about some accomplishments!

I found a great walking partner that doesn't mind me being kind of slow right now. We're both working on our health and she's willing to keep me company even in this crazy humid heat!

We walked up a hill tonight, and a total of 2.8 miles and my knee is not too sore right now - huge huge accomplishment!

Even though I skipped Bootcamp and Tworkout, both of which I am really excited for, due to above discussion about my knee, I still have managed to get in 4.5 miles of walking and a pool workout for the week.

I have hit or exceeded my veggie and fruit mini challenge each day. (I love me some sugar snap peas!)

I am still consuming more than 60 oz of water each day. (Got a bigger jug to drink from too!)

I am eating a healthy breakfast first thing in the morning. (Either an egg with tomatoes and southwest seasoning, or some Better Oats Maple Oatmeal with Cranberries and almonds)

I have also been stealing time for myself - biggest accomplishment ever!

So, my weight - not bad - after I weighed in a second time. I am so glad I did! Not sure what was going on, but it was a big difference. Now, to keep on this trek!

Hope that everyone else was happy with their own accomplishments because it's what really matters in the end.

I'll end this with a fun quote I had in my in-box today from Givemore.com:

Do or do not, there is no try.

If you haven't already signed up for their daily quote emails, you should. You can download their little posters of the quotes you like. I have my work wall lined up with my favorites, which are quite a few actually. 

Enjoy and see ya'll next week!


Success at last! Burstn2Summer Weigh-in Day

I worked hard this week with keeping food at a healthy high and a sweet low. It was necessary since I was forced to make many changes to my cardio routine.

Friday brought me the news about my knee and why it was so sore. I have Chondromalacia patella. Fancy word for old body, crappy knees. I know it's nothing major, well, at the moment they don't think it is going to be a surgical remedy, just need to stop doing things like Lunges, squats, running uphill and well, that about covers all the cardio I had been doing. So, I knew that I had to change the food habits more, since the amount of exercise would be more along the lines of body strengthening and not so much my outdoor run/walks. I was told i could still run, but only on flat surfaces. Too bad I don't live in Delaware anymore, I'd have it made. But I do have a treadmill, so I just have to accept that the downstairs walls will have to keep me company for a few weeks. I hope that the swelling goes down and the inflammation does not become recurring. I am not up for surgery right now. 

Anyway, all that lead me to rearranging the bootcamp and doing some of the Ripped in 30 workout. I have found most of them can still get me sweating even without the knee jarring! I hope this continues. I was back down today, even past my start weight, so I technically am down 1 pound from the start. I think if you were to look at just the difference between this weigh-in and last week's, I am down almost 3 pounds. It sounds better, but the real challenge is going to be keeping it down through next week. It's about that time for my weight to go up 5lbs.

I'll be sure to drink my water (which that mini challenge has been good) and eat my breakfast (which that I am already doing too) and this week is for us to make sure to get our veggies & fruits. I think today covered that well. I had already packed my red bell pepper, my mini cucumber, and my apple for the day. these three things are staples. I usually eat snap peas too, but today i didn't. i still have them packed. I also had my summer squash and tomatoes with noodles and fresh mozzarella - YUM!

Here's hoping the same good things can be repeated this week and I'll have great reports for next weigh-in


The first week was a doozy

Burst Into Summer ChallengeToday marks the first weigh-in for the new challenge over at ShrinkingJeans. It's called Burst Into Summer. Summer is my absolute favorite time of the year. I am not the one you'll hear complaining about heat. Trust me. I love the higher temperatures, and only if the humidity hits an all time high, I am in my own little piece of heaven! I lived in S. Florida for a time, and only because of family and a job did I move back up North.

That being said, I am really excited for this challenge and hopefully reducing the waistline. However, this was not the week that was happening. I think I did everything right as far as workout and diet, only a few tiny hiccups with a fun girls night happy hour and one weak moment where M&M's were involved. I am sticking to the water hydration mini-challenge and even kept my vice, coffee, out of the diet!!! YIKES, I have been yawning though!!!

I will make this challenge work for me, and the Fierce Five team I am doing this challenge with. I do not want this summer to have come and gone without losing some inches and gaining some muscle!!!

Even though today's weigh-in had me at a slightly higher weight than the start - I feel good about it!

Let's go Fierce Five!!!!