I'd Love to Feel the Power

It's the final weigh in for The Power of One over at Shrinking jeans. I'd love to say I found my power, but today with a 100.8ยบ temperature, I'm not feeling it.

My dr appointment where I had high hopes of getting more answers on this fight with my weight, I was instead diagnosed with bronchitis. I could not deal with any of the other questions I had, instead just being up and about, vs lying down was all I was able to focus on.

Now I've got a bunch of meds to help me feel better, but so far, it's not quite kicked in. I hope that when I wake up tomorrow the fever will have subsided and the pounding and ringing in my ears will be gone too.

Not very enlightening about my power of one journey, but this is about the extent of my online experience today. I am not thrilled about being sick, but this too shall pass.


Another week another pound or 2

Unfortunately - no news to report. Except I'm up a little again. I am not stressed this is all normal, plus we had olives with dinner the last two days. That adds in the bloating. Yeah me! Not good for a weight loss challenge, but it isn't abnormal.

My Dr. appointment for today was postponed, so that is why there isn't any other news. Hoping for something new to report next week. We'll see.

Here's tonight's favorite photo from my A Day in 365 photo project and The Joy of LOVE I have going on. Hope you like it, and if you want to see the beautiful dinner table from Valentines, take a look at the photo site!


Time to re-focus

It's too early in the year to become lost, or to give up. So far I have done really well at some items on my list of Goals, but in this goal to drop weight and keep it off, I am not doing very well.

I won't say I will not meet this goal, I am still up for the challenge, but I really need some solid weight loss soon. Cold hard numbers that go down and not up. This pattern is getting old. Up, up, up, then drop and then up, up, up and down week after week. After week. I at least know the pattern, and have figured out many foods that attribute to this. It's not even a massive eating binge, but one small item here and there, and I have to wait 3 days to see the swelling go down.

Salt. I think that is one of my biggest enemies. Not even fatty foods, because that isn't the diet, it's more like dinner at a friend's that cooked sausage and BOOM, 4 pounds. It's not even a big bag of potato chips. It's one chip and my calves are too tight in my tall boots. I can only attribute this to the Hasimoto's, but again, it's one of those things I will ask the Dr. about. My appt is next Wed. So, hopefully some answers when my next post is due!

So, for the positives this week? I've been successful at sticking to the following:

Day 41 posted of my A Day In 365 Photo Project which is also Day 09: Passions and Hobbies of The Joy of Love Class I am taking. Here's today's photo:

41/365 & 09: Passions and Hobbies

Day 21 - 21 miles walked of the 100 miles in 100 days challenge. (thanks @aprilshowers for getting me up and off my keister!) and I have been tracking it on Dailymile.com

Have a great week everyone and Re-Focus Re-Focus Re-Focus!


Wednesday Weigh-in #5

This was a good weigh-in week. It was as expected. Back down again. The bad thing is that it is not a real loss when you look at what I had gained the previous two weeks, but it is a loss.  And that makes me happy!

I am determined to get to a point where hormones do not rule my life and I have scheduled a Dr. appointment to see what the next step is. I'll go get my thyroid blood work done so she'll have that to look at, but the fatigue isn't there, so I am pretty certain that will all be okay (for the second time in almost 4 years). Another success. It's good to know that the Hashimoto's might be under control, though from what I understand, it may fluctuate a lot more than if I only suffer from Hypothyroidism.

I think the biggest factor in my weight loss this week has been this allergy/sinus/cold thing I got. I haven't felt horrible, but I lost my voice Sunday. It's coming back slowly. Whatever it is that causes you to not have an appetite when there is all that drainage, if you could duplicate that without the drainage, I'd buy it!

Hoping that next week also proves to be a good week!

Power On!