It's Weigh-In Wednesday

And I don't care!!!!

I weighed in today and the scale said 137.something. And it was great. Not because the numbers were magically so much lower than they have been in a while (cause they aren't) but because I made it.

I made it through an entire month of no chocolate, no coffee and no diet coke. All in the order of how I crave them. It's been okay missing the diet cokes. Those I am not excited about. The coffee was tough. The chocolate was insane. Especially when you have people that know about your specific plns!

This past weekend was our high school block party. It was a blast. I was surrounded by people I had been friends with in a past life - one which I vaguely remember - and one where I was a skinny girl. I do have one memory being a teen where I sat on the lap of someone (nothing weird) and they told me I had a boney butt. Um, that ain't happening anymore. My son told me (love the honesty of kids-NOT) tonight as he was hitting me for some unknown reason, that my behind was jiggly. Yes, jiggly. Thanks kid! Thanks for reminding me that I am no longer the 115 lb kid from 20+ years ago!!!

I am however on my way back to a physique that makes me happy. For the first time in quite a while I can see it, and I definitely can feel the improvements. Most of the time. Tonight working out was a bit hard. there is a kink that just won't go away in my neck and lower back. But I trudged on. And I am glad I did it. I don't weigh any less than last week (well, i don't think I do) but I feel a lot better.

Here's a photo of me (on the left) and one of my close girlfriend's from H.S. We have been re-acquainted for a while now. Before facebook if you can believe that?! Thanks to our friend for capturing a very happy moment in time!

Now I must stop making yummy mint brownies from the Cooking Light magazine and get back on track with my healthy eating and working out.


  1. you look great in the picture :) and excellent job on withstanding ONE MONTH of pure torture. more power to you! hahahah! ;) keep up the good work!

  2. Congrats on cutting out your "additions" for 3 months!! And alp is right - you look great! It's awesome when you feel good about yourself so hold on to that feeling!

  3. xristinejoyce - Thanks! Though for some reason alp is bringing me a chocolate chip cookie tomorrow. But that is okay, I have been really good and still am avoiding coffee. I am still sticking to lots of veggies and feeling really confident I can get the weight back to where I want it to be, though toning is more of my goal right now.