End of One Crazy Month, Beginning of Another

Whew. July is over, and now August has begun.

August has always been a great month for me cause it's MY birthday month. I don't normally get all excited about it, but I am deciding right now it's going to be an awesome one this year! Not just my birthday, I want the whole month to be great.

I want it to include several things, good friends, good fun, a lot less weight (yes- pounds less) AND of course, my awesome husband and son spending some quality time together with me. I really want it to NOT include chaos. I have had my fill for a while.

Today not only marks the beginning of August, it marks the beginning of some changes being made on my part, on many levels.

I'd love for the main change be a turning point in my weight loss journey. I am so ready for a permanent change to happen, and for this vicious cycle of weight loss to end.

Bring it on August - I am ready - OH and bring it on Down & Dirty in 30 Challenge!

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