Photo Review

I am going through a lot of images and trying to clear out the clutter. I came across this photo I took earlier in the year and I think it's still one of my absolute favorites. Not too amazing that it has beat out many of the photos of my son!

I just love how she looks. Hope you do too!

Time to start up the next year's plethora of posts and photos. I am still wavering (yes, me) on doing the 365 Photo Challenge. Has anyone else done the challenge? If so, do you just post them on your blog? I think that's the right thing to do, but not sure. I'm not worried about taking the photos, I know I can do that, I am worried about posting it each day. I know it will be easy if I start to use my phone for some photos, but Hmmm ... I guess I have a few days to decide!

Hope everyone's Holiday was wonderful and you are ready to begin the next year!

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