With a bit of chalk

This week on I Heart Faces it's all about chalk. I had a photo that immediately came to mind when I saw the title of this challenge. In a weekend full of family activity we went to my dad's for a cookout. As always, it was a blast. All of the kids were running everywhere keeping the adults in constant check. This photo captures a "slow-down" period with my son and one of his  big cousins. I love the spiderman face tattoo and the faces they drew on their chalk outline people too!

Happy Tuesday and Happy I Heart Faces Challenge day!


  1. Unique perspective! You have me wondering what you climbed up on to get this shot. Cute cousins!

  2. Thanks! I actually didn't have to stand on anything. I was just standing up and cocked the camera a bit. I'm not even a tall person. This photo makes me smile cause I also know they both had the same spidey face tattoo and they hadn't seen each other in about 2.5 years! I love that they were getting along so well.