Thinking of the Future - Reminiscing the Last 4 Years

As always, things are very busy, but this time of the year it actually begins to pick up speed. Time flies by even faster and all of a sudden the holidays will be here and then the new year. 

No, I am not wishing it away just yet. I really love this time of the year. It's almost my son's birthday, the beginning of the holiday season for me. It's the one big party I give every year. And this will be our fourth party. I cannot believe there have already been 3 birthdays!! He already says he is 4. Please kid, don't rush it, you've got two weeks. I want to enjoy the few days he has left of being 3 way more than he does I'm sure!
I go a bit overboard with the planning for his parties, but it's so much fun. Here's the run down:

1st birthday - Animal/Monkey theme. I loved that one. Yes, there was a good amount of prep, but the monkey cake inspired by Martha Stewart was one of the easiest to do. The invitations were fun, and it was the beginning of making his party hats too.

2nd birthday - Trucks. That year we actually had two cakes, well, a cake and a dirt cake. How fun!! The cake was a fabulous design from Family Fun Magazine and was an excavator. The dirt cake was in a plastic dump truck! 

3rd birthday - I went a bit over the top, with Fire Engines. So, what else but a fire truck for a cake. I think I ended up making 4 cakes to make the whole thing. It was enormous! (I cannt find my photos. Gonna have to add them later)

This year is all about Superheroes. It is going to be so much fun this year. (If there is NO rain... Puh leeze do not rain!) It's time for all the superheroes to show up for training. Gonna have games and fun. My son is really excited too. We've almost finished the piƱata, just a little more paint and we are done. Thanks to the Manic Mommies for inspiring me to give this a try! Ours is going to be a Spiderman and kind of similar to this pirate one Kristin made. Hopefully there will be fun photos to show of that fairly soon after the party. 

That all being said, I should have been working on one or more of the projects to get ready for the party, or get a few extra dollars made by working overtime. But, now I have spent the better part of my evening reviewing old photos trying to find these and reminiscing over the last 4 years. This was a lot more fun than work, and as for the projects, there is always this weekend to finish it all up! I think i will spend the rest of the night getting my list ready and watching The Mentalist!

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  1. E! He's so cute. :) Can't wait to see photos from his 4th birthday party!