Empty House, Empty shelves.

I've had the house to myself since Tuesday night! It's been excellent.

My stress left with my husband and son as they headed for the hills Tuesday evening to go camping and fishing for the week. It has been really good for me. I needed the break. I have enjoyed the quiet & empty house.

I didn't do a whole lot all week, but I did get to stay later at the office and I was able to workout without any guilt. I didn't have to make multiple dinners every night (one for the 3YO taste buds and one for the adults) and there were no laundry concerns, no inordinate amount of dishes piling in the sink.

Today, Saturday, the day before they return with all the stress that comes with them, I spent all day today trying to catch up without a toddler on my heels. I had a bookclub meeting - the first meeting of a new club a friend is starting. I got to meet 5 new people and am hopeful that this will help me keep doing things for myself on a regular basis. In other fun news, I attempted to fight an ant invasion in my kitchen before it gets beyond control again. (PLEASE let the fogger work!!!) I headed to Naptown for a quick jaunt and had an excellent but late dinner with my bestest friend and our fav sushi. Then back home to clean up and de-fog the house. Started on the laundry and finally am settling in to catch up on my blog. 

Oh, one other stop I made today was to my library to check out some magazines and see if I could get the book to start reading. I apparently am a bit behind, because as I headed to the magazine racks, I noticed these signs on the shelves. I was thinking, oh, hey, they are trying to make it easier for people to find the magazines with the titles of them. I was sadly mistaken. They were not there for ease of use, they were there to notify us serious library consumers of the budget cuts and it's effects on us. I cannot believe how many magazines they have suspended subscriptions to. There are about 20 left on the shelves that they actually continue to receive. Look! The signage says that they cut magazines back in December. 

This wasn't the first change I have seen at the library, they have already changed the hours, but having a visual reminder like this makes me wonder what other cuts are being made that are not so in your face!

It makes me very sad. I am so happy with the Maryland library system. I know my library card number by heart because I use the library THAT often. It was important to me to introduce my son to the library and how it works at an early age. He asks me to take him there now. I don't have a problem being late a day or two on my books because I don't mind paying the late fees. Today I had a $1.50 fine, and I paid it, because if they can use that $1.50 along with any one else's fine to pay an employee, buy a book, transport my books to me from a different library, or maybe even reinstate a magazine subscription, that is fine with me. What would really make me mad though is if the other shelves within my little dewey decimal system world began to empty out in a similar fashion to the magazine shelves!

I think that brings you up-to-date on how I have found some time for me. I have certainly enjoyed every single quiet moment of it!

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