Dude - What's With That Butt Crack?

Picture this - a very heavy, extremely pale, teenager sitting on a cannon (the metal artillery kind) along the side of the road in front of the American flag. It's a little park that pays homage to some type of military group. 

That's right. Sitting there, pants coming down 3/4 across his behind. 

I got a serious mooning. At 3:30 in the afternoon, on a bright sun shining day. After one of the more stressful days I have had in a while. One where no one is happy with my speed of work. I can't get enough done, still have monumental amounts of work left to do, and well, that butt crack had me laughing hysterically out loud. 

Thanks young man for not wearing pants that fit you at all. I certainly hope someone else needed a good mooning as much as I did!

That got my mood changed at least until now, when I finally sat down to get back to work. As the stress is tensing up my muscles again, I reflected back to that large behind shining my way, and it made me laugh again, and that's what I plan to take with me through the rest of the night, and into the last remaining day of the weeK. 

TGIF!!!!!!! (well, it will be soon!)

For my "Me Hour" I actually got a bit more than an hour. I rushed out of work, picked up my son, dropped him at home, rushed to the chiropractor, next to a friends for a computer drop off, then to a hair appt. AHHHHH - Deep breath. Can you feel the relaxation kicking in then?! AHHHHHH savor that moment. That was my hour break. The minute I walked out of those doors i went to the organic food store for some recommended herbs. I was told they are crack for women. I hope so! (I'll share more if they help me out!) Then i rushed to Target to exchange shoes for said son, and then home. It was 8:05pm. 

Officially 3 1/2 hours to myself. 

Does it count though when you are running around like a crazed maniac trying to squeeze in every errand possible while you are alone? i don't think so, but that hour? That hour was mine, and I definitely savored it!

I have a couple of photos to share. Of course they are of my son. He looks so much older in the first shot. The freckles are starting to show and he just is to cute with that smile. The other you can see the proud look in his eyes as he looks over his newly colored easter eggs.

And now my time is officially over. 

Happy Easter everyone!


  1. Love the picture of him w. the Easter eggs! Too cute!

  2. I love ur blog & i am sure following u & hope u do too as its fun to make mommy blogger friends!