Taking my own advice

That is so much easier to say than to actually do.

I am speaking specifically of me relaxing. I just wrote that to a client. "Relax - we'll get it done." And I will. I will complete the job needed for them, and it will be okay. Their deadline will get met. 

The question I pose is, what will get put off to make it happen? Will it be other client work, or will it be personal things. Most likely the latter. It's what happens. I quantify putting my life on hold by saying I get paid OT for this stuff. And I will, I will get paid extra for sacrificing my life for my work. 

Is the money worth the sacrifice? Somedays it's not a big deal, but other times I see myself getting gipped of my family time, and of the sacred minutes I save for just ME. 

The reality is: I won't finish my book for this weekend's bookclub meeting. I won't find as much time for my race training and I will be more than grumpy when the job is complete and I have lost hours of special bonding time with my husband and son. Am I setting myself up to not have a close relationship with my child? I certainly hope not, because that would make helping my client and my company an even bigger sacrifice than it's worth (for money's sake). If all that was here in this world was a job that might be a different answer. 

Work is not all there is for me to live for. I know this. I know that what is there is my dear son and husband, my friends and family, And somehow I need to work towards taking my own advice and - Relax, with them! 

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