Wednesday Weigh-in #5

This was a good weigh-in week. It was as expected. Back down again. The bad thing is that it is not a real loss when you look at what I had gained the previous two weeks, but it is a loss.  And that makes me happy!

I am determined to get to a point where hormones do not rule my life and I have scheduled a Dr. appointment to see what the next step is. I'll go get my thyroid blood work done so she'll have that to look at, but the fatigue isn't there, so I am pretty certain that will all be okay (for the second time in almost 4 years). Another success. It's good to know that the Hashimoto's might be under control, though from what I understand, it may fluctuate a lot more than if I only suffer from Hypothyroidism.

I think the biggest factor in my weight loss this week has been this allergy/sinus/cold thing I got. I haven't felt horrible, but I lost my voice Sunday. It's coming back slowly. Whatever it is that causes you to not have an appetite when there is all that drainage, if you could duplicate that without the drainage, I'd buy it!

Hoping that next week also proves to be a good week!

Power On!


  1. Way to go. Definitely understand the yoyo effect. Hoping you keep going down.
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    Have a great week.

  2. I've got no product or service to offer, just wanted to say that your honesty and openess are inspiring... good luck with your pursuits, remember to keep you eye on the doughnut, not on the whole - excuse the pun! Regards, Paul.