Time to re-focus

It's too early in the year to become lost, or to give up. So far I have done really well at some items on my list of Goals, but in this goal to drop weight and keep it off, I am not doing very well.

I won't say I will not meet this goal, I am still up for the challenge, but I really need some solid weight loss soon. Cold hard numbers that go down and not up. This pattern is getting old. Up, up, up, then drop and then up, up, up and down week after week. After week. I at least know the pattern, and have figured out many foods that attribute to this. It's not even a massive eating binge, but one small item here and there, and I have to wait 3 days to see the swelling go down.

Salt. I think that is one of my biggest enemies. Not even fatty foods, because that isn't the diet, it's more like dinner at a friend's that cooked sausage and BOOM, 4 pounds. It's not even a big bag of potato chips. It's one chip and my calves are too tight in my tall boots. I can only attribute this to the Hasimoto's, but again, it's one of those things I will ask the Dr. about. My appt is next Wed. So, hopefully some answers when my next post is due!

So, for the positives this week? I've been successful at sticking to the following:

Day 41 posted of my A Day In 365 Photo Project which is also Day 09: Passions and Hobbies of The Joy of Love Class I am taking. Here's today's photo:

41/365 & 09: Passions and Hobbies

Day 21 - 21 miles walked of the 100 miles in 100 days challenge. (thanks @aprilshowers for getting me up and off my keister!) and I have been tracking it on Dailymile.com

Have a great week everyone and Re-Focus Re-Focus Re-Focus!

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  1. You can do it!! Just keep doing the things you know to do and those numbers will go down...Participating in those challenges are sure to help, too!