I'd Love to Feel the Power

It's the final weigh in for The Power of One over at Shrinking jeans. I'd love to say I found my power, but today with a 100.8º temperature, I'm not feeling it.

My dr appointment where I had high hopes of getting more answers on this fight with my weight, I was instead diagnosed with bronchitis. I could not deal with any of the other questions I had, instead just being up and about, vs lying down was all I was able to focus on.

Now I've got a bunch of meds to help me feel better, but so far, it's not quite kicked in. I hope that when I wake up tomorrow the fever will have subsided and the pounding and ringing in my ears will be gone too.

Not very enlightening about my power of one journey, but this is about the extent of my online experience today. I am not thrilled about being sick, but this too shall pass.

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