Running is…

… hard work

… hard to stay committed to

… good for my brain

… good for my health

I know it's hard work, and I know it's good for me, but I really wish running and I got along better than we do, cause it is most definitely

        … a great way to spend time with me, myself and I! Oh, and my thoughts.

Today it is check-in day at Shrinking Jeans, and I'm okay with this week's numbers, because I know I didn't stay focused this weekend and it hurt me. I had all kinds of ideas, and talked myself out of them ALL! There were lots of reasons, I didn't want to, too tired, the wind and allergies were kicking my butt, then the rain came. I could not overcome any of them, and so, I just walked around and took photos all day. I could not force myself to get out on the hills of WV and run. Honestly, it's probably best that I didn't, I ran tonight, and it was hard, but it was definitely a good run. Better than I had expected and I needed it. I'm a far cry from making it 6 miles, but I will manage to run/walk it again in a few weeks, I know I will. Even if it's a longer race time than the last two. I'm going to push it as hard as I can.

I did stick to water intake goals. I even managed to skip one day of my morning coffee. Maybe next week I'll try skipping two, that's a hesitant "maybe" though.

I know this is a quick check-in and post, but I am sitting in the bathroom hurrying to get this up while my son is in the shower. It's a decent enough trade off. I'm multi-tasking! Have a great May Your Way Week!

May Your Way Challenge


  1. Way to multi-task!! Sounds like a typical mom!

  2. love the multi-tasking in the bathroom! I have the same love/hate relationship with running. I like doing it but I'm not very motivated right now.