Holding my nose to the Grindstone

It's been really one of the hardest weeks in a long time for me, but I am pushing forward. Unfortunately, for me, it's not a downtime moment. I have to hit the grindstone and get some work (real work) done, UGH!

The only way I can deal right now is to keep focusing on exercise. And hey, that's good for the body, right?  It doesn't hurt that I am super amped up on adrenaline and cannot stop moving. Last night I got in a super walk/job and then the #tworkout and burned a lot more calories than I have in a while. It kind of beat up my knee a bit, but really the burn felt so good. So good in fact that I did a sprint run again tonight using my Lolo app. It was hard cause it is so freaking hot outside that no one should have been doing said run, but I stayed in the shade and managed 2 miles in 35 min (not really the best speed, but I was trying to take it easy too) and feel so much better now that it is done.

Burst Into Summer Challenge

As for the Burst into Sumer challenge at shrinkingjeans, I think I was up when I weighed in this am, but only by a few ounces. If this adrenaline thing keeps up, I'll be back down again soon, so I hope it does! This is actually my high week in my cycle. So that is promising! I did not do too well with the sleep mini challenge. It is just so hard to get to bed at a normal time. I tend to stay up a bit longer so I can get my son up for a potty break - usually around 11pm. 7 hours means I need to go to bed at 9:30 or 10 at the latest.

This week's challenge is to kick soda - done! I haven't had soda in months. I don't even know how many now, 3 maybe? I did have three cocktails last Friday night, but they were the watery kind and did not draw me back to it's evil clutches. Coffee however, UM, yeah, I think that may be back in my life again. [Today I had a rough time getting it down being all stressed out, but I doubt that is a lasting situation. I am going to need it to get me through this week!!!] I did give it up completely for 5 weeks! Thing is, it did not do anything special for my weight loss, so I feel like as long as I get some caffeine and keep the calories down, It's a good thing - eh?!!

Okay, really now, I could talk all night, but I must get back to the grind!

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  1. Sounds like although you are still having pain you are still getting the workouts done and that is GREAT!! So...take care of the knee and don't push too hard and all will go well with the weight loss too!