It's Down Time!

As I start typing this, things are in their normal state of crazy bedtime routine. I had hoped not to be this late checking in, but alas, here I am.

This has been a good week. I don't see it so much on the scale, but I feel better. (Most of the time) I feel like the working out has been effective even though I am not doing the boot camp as I had planned. I have been keeping a close look out on my knee and how it is reacting to what I do, whether it be walking, trying some sprint training, or the tworkout.

All in all this week I added in some hills and a few squats. The sprints were great. (Thanks Lolo Burn) The more frequent walks have been fun (totally loving having a partner to walk with) and yeah (sorry @aprilshowrs), the squats were not the best idea. I'm just glad I stopped at 20.

So, the walk is done for today, healthy food was made for dinner tonight and for lunch tomorrow, the weight is down a tiny bit, the blood pressure is hitting an all time high after putting the kid to bed, and now I am ready for some DOWNTIME for me!

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