So Glad it's Friday!

It's amazing how long a week can feel when the last hour of work is upon you on a Friday afternoon! Fortunately, I was busy enough that the time passed by - and then some. Finally at home and ready for the weekend.

Can I get a Hell Yeah?!!

Hell Yeah!

Now that the weekend is here, there's more than enough to do. Somewhere in there I am going to actually try to get a couple of workouts in. The weekends have been the hardest for me to get in either the cardio or the strength training. But I have got to stick to it this weekend. Otherwise, the lower weight on the scale is going to switch over again to a higher number. Um-no thank you!

For the most part, I think I did really well with working out this week. Got in either 3 or 4 a.m. workouts. It's that bad. I don't remember which. I know I missed Thursday, other than that, I am kind of clueless. I also managed to get in 4 days of strength. That includes a combination of the Wii Active and Shredding. I really like that when I hit the 15 days of the 30 day Challenge (which I didn't get to finish in time to complete) the game kicked it up a notch. I like using the "hard" program and it is really close to feeling like I have a personal trainer. I can't wait for the new arm band and leg bands to come out so the cords are no longer in my way! That's going to hopefully work really well!  They can't get out on the market soon enough! I am debating on pulling out the Jillian Michael's game I got again. It just was really intense when I got started with it, and don't want to get stuck again where I am doing a program and can't complete it in time. It made me mad that I just needed to work out a little less time and I knew Shred would only take me 20 minutes to do and by skipping just those couple of days, I forfeited my 30 day challenge. I almost had it too!!! I was planning to reward myself at the end by buying the "more workouts." Maybe next time.

Today was a bit of a challenge at work. I sat and watched job after job roll in. It is great to have work, and kind of wish it was all my own business work that was rolling in, but it isn't. And I started to once again get overwhelmed. I got into a groove later in the day by loading Pandora. They played me a great selection today. It was a good mix! I brought 6 or 7 jobs home to work on this weekend. Nothing major. HA! That's like twice as much as last week. If I can get a few of them wrapped up, I can get ahead of the game by Wednesday I think. I am kinda glad it's not supposed to be another beautiful break in the weather. I will need to spend a lot of time inside.

On another note, I tried this recipe today. CrockPot Barbecued Shrimp. She got it from The Pioneer Woman. Let's just say YUM!!! No, really. My husband just left to go buy more shrimp so I can make more. There were 2 pounds cooked. Really. I was lucky to get any. This is a definite crowd pleaser. Thank you for the great recipe. Crockpot365.com is such a great site. I am impressed every time I log in. I still can't believe how she stuck to it for an entire year. I wish I was better at being that committed. I am trying. If you haven't checked out her site before, you should. It has every recipe she tried, along with what kind of rating she and her family gave the meal (or dessert). It's my first stop when menu planning.

I know, this is a long post. Stick with me, I am almost done.

I ran across this fun website today. http://cpbintegrated.com/theherofactory/ You know I had to check it out, I needed to make The Big E (my son) into a superhero. I knew he would be fascinated! Of course, I needed to see how it worked first, and I made myself into a superhero. What would any mother who just went face to face with her 3YO son turn herself into? None other than a Super Grocery Shopping Momma! After doing that, I then proceeded to create The Almighty E and his sidekick Super Dad. Aren't they the best looking Superhero Team you've ever seen? Go ahead, you know you want to try it out! It's okay, I won't tell.

That about sums things up for the time being. I'm gonna try to balance the work and home life this weekend. Right now, it is quiet time for me. I really like it. A lot! 

I am trying to bathe myself in the silence … it would be a lot easier if it were truly quiet. All I can hear is the humming of this really loud hard drive. Not the one on my MacBook, but the one on the Mac Mini I am helping a friend out with. YIKES! But it could be worse. It could be me in the grocery store with the Almighty E! No thank you!!! 

Happy weekend everyone!

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