Success at last! Burstn2Summer Weigh-in Day

I worked hard this week with keeping food at a healthy high and a sweet low. It was necessary since I was forced to make many changes to my cardio routine.

Friday brought me the news about my knee and why it was so sore. I have Chondromalacia patella. Fancy word for old body, crappy knees. I know it's nothing major, well, at the moment they don't think it is going to be a surgical remedy, just need to stop doing things like Lunges, squats, running uphill and well, that about covers all the cardio I had been doing. So, I knew that I had to change the food habits more, since the amount of exercise would be more along the lines of body strengthening and not so much my outdoor run/walks. I was told i could still run, but only on flat surfaces. Too bad I don't live in Delaware anymore, I'd have it made. But I do have a treadmill, so I just have to accept that the downstairs walls will have to keep me company for a few weeks. I hope that the swelling goes down and the inflammation does not become recurring. I am not up for surgery right now. 

Anyway, all that lead me to rearranging the bootcamp and doing some of the Ripped in 30 workout. I have found most of them can still get me sweating even without the knee jarring! I hope this continues. I was back down today, even past my start weight, so I technically am down 1 pound from the start. I think if you were to look at just the difference between this weigh-in and last week's, I am down almost 3 pounds. It sounds better, but the real challenge is going to be keeping it down through next week. It's about that time for my weight to go up 5lbs.

I'll be sure to drink my water (which that mini challenge has been good) and eat my breakfast (which that I am already doing too) and this week is for us to make sure to get our veggies & fruits. I think today covered that well. I had already packed my red bell pepper, my mini cucumber, and my apple for the day. these three things are staples. I usually eat snap peas too, but today i didn't. i still have them packed. I also had my summer squash and tomatoes with noodles and fresh mozzarella - YUM!

Here's hoping the same good things can be repeated this week and I'll have great reports for next weigh-in


  1. SO sorry to hear about your knee. Hopefully taking it easy for a few weeks will do the trick. I live in the Hill Country, so I know how you feel about running on flat surfaces. It wouldn't be happening for me either. Thank goodness you have a treadmill :)

    Congrats on the loss, and it sounds like you're doing awesome on the mini-challenges! Keep up the great work!

  2. You can do this Tracey. We have a great team of support and and as long as you take it slowly and don't do the things the dr has said, "no" to you will be good! Hopefully you can deal with this without surgery!