Due for a good week soon

So frustrated, but still not giving up. This week was exactly what I expected. UP. Not all because of bad habits, though there were some moments, but because of stupid hormones.

It's all good. I've been great at some things and will not give up.

I've kept true to my A Day in 365 Photo project, taking a photo a day for the past 27 days. I also started the 100 miles in 100 days challenge. I mostly am doing the 1 mile because it's about all I can fit in. I need to get caught up at work, and I am going to get back to the C25K challenge. The goal to start that is in 2 weeks. Let's see if I can make that happen?!

This week I am going to have to step up the walks to burn some more calories. I am also going to work towards drinking 65 oz of water a day. I haven't gotten quite there the past couple of days.

It's gotta be a better week next week!


  1. 65 oz. of water? You may float away!

  2. Great goal with the water - It really helps! Definitely comes with that "floating away" feeling, but so worth it! Great attitude... Next week will be great!