Week Two

This will have to be a quick post. We just got back from a three hour ordeal getting MUCH needed tires put on my car. Which means, it's late, I ate out, and no workout. If that is any idea of what the week has been like, well, it's actually been even worse.

The family got sick, my husband and my son but I was spared. That entailed me taking care of two sick guys and doing a major Lysol tour of the house. I spent my entire Monday going up and down the stairs to change sheets, scrub bathrooms and prep food and things just in case I also came down with this bug.

That was a workout, but not one I had to put in the books. Tuesday I made it to the tworkout, but i only had enough energy for a 20 min walk on the treadmill and that. I burned a few calories with those, I guess Sunday was my only real workout besides Wed of last week. Not a whole lot in the calorie burn area.

I did fairly well with food though, and that is what helped me maintain the loss I had last week.

This week we are supposed to let Shrinkingjeans know if we met our goals. I think so, but only because I still managed some cardio despite the chaos that is my life.

For this weeks Monday project we'll be outlining more of our goals, in specifics. I can't wait to find a second to put these down on paper because I need them. I do so much better where lists are concerned and if I can get them on paper, I should be better at getting my goals accomplished.

OH and I got my Wii EAS Active 2 in the mail today. Can't wait to get it opened up and test it!

Happy Weigh-in Wednesday!

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