Welcome to 2012 & a New You!

Yes, you read that right, it was not a typo.

Welcome to 2012.

That is what we are supposed to for this week's challenge on ShrinkingJeans. We are supposed to write a letter to ourselves that we will read next year. A letter telling ourselves about the goals we have accomplished. Wow is that hard for me. I can barely figure out what I want to do tomorrow, how to accomplish getting things done for the week. And here I am going to write a letter about the whole entire year. Okay, well, bear with me as I blunder through this!


Welcome Tracey to 2012 a New Year and to Your New You!

365 more days down and every single one of them were action packed.

Whoa girl! Can you believe you finally ran that darn 10K - the whole distance? You did it. And you did great. You got to run with your best friend and some new friends you met in 2010 on Shrinkingjeans. The world wide web showed it's power and made the world a little smaller.

You hit the big 4T3 this year and it was a license renewal year. You looked like a totally different person from the 180 pound 8 month pregnant person you were 5 years ago in that photo. THANK GOODNESS! That photo has haunted you every time you pull the thing out. You deserve to have this new photo after such hard work. And this year when you told them your weight, you didn't make them keep it at the weight you started at when you got pregnant. You were shooting for the wedding weight. I really hope you hit it!

After the past 3 years of being diagnosed with hypothyroidism and 1 year of being told you were hasimoto's (just a bit more extreme), you really worked hard at getting that under control. It shows. You feel great don't you? Food, exercise and overall happiness make it so much easier too right?!

One of your biggest goals for the year was to be better organized. You did it, you got things figured out. You were able to finally get to a point you menu planned and then prepped on Sunday's. It helped you maintain your meals for the day and stop being so freaking late for work every day.

You finished your 365 photo project. How do you feel? It was a major accomplishment. You stuck to it 100% that is awesome! You go girl!!! Now, this is where it get's foggy. I think because right now I don't see what you really want to do with photography, so speculating on this might be a bad idea. But I think if you are smart you will have moved leaps and bounds with your skills, so I really hope you decided to go the distance and make it more than a hobby, but I am not going to go too crazy here. Surprise me!

That last goal, it's huge. I know that you have the ability to let it take you on a new career path, but you need to have made all of these goals work for you for the whole year. Since you are such a planner and very methodical and thorough about what you want, it will be right, whatever you have chosen to do. You are going to be able to look back on this year and really be proud. It will have been worth it all too.

Hey - and for celebration, take a second to squeeze that beautiful son of yours and wonderful husband and go out and enjoy the day - together!

WOO HOO! It's been an amazing year!


This letter will be so interesting to reread in a year. There are so many goals there, amazing, but absolutely the correct goals for me to have. I look forward to meeting these goals day by day. I am sure there are going to be some challenges that will make this hard to achieve or have me feeling like I might actually fail at times. I am excited this year to have people to help me achieve these goals. A combination of current close friends and new friends I have met and will continue to meet along the way. It's definitely going to be a good year. Now to stop living in the past and move on to living in the current year, 2011!

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