Interval training on the treadmill that is. What better way to start out an early Monday morning?

Today is the first Monday of Daylight savings time. At 5am this morning dragging my butt outta bed was kind of tough. It could have been a lot harder since it really was 4am to my brain, and it was a restless night of sleep. All in all it went well.

I decided to listen to an old Podfitness workout (Walk-Jog with Mike Young) I had downloaded this back when Podfitness was the simple solution to use for downloading workouts. If you aren't familiar with them, they are now moving to NextFit which is some type of "keychain trainer" now. I got to mix my itunes music with different trainers and pick the kind of workout I wanted. I have no idea how this new product works, but Podfitness was really easy. I hadn't listened to any of these workouts in a while, so I was really surprised at how motivating this one was for me after all the time that had passed.

It was really a big help to me this am as I kept thinking, I just want to go back to bed!

This was an interval training workout I chose. It said to use dumbbells, and to walk. I did that for a little bit, but when it stepped up to a number 7 on the scale, I ran - without them. For me, a full 35 min interval session is huge!

The music really helped along with the commentary on it. Here's a sample of my am workout.

The first song that boosted my morale was a Keith Urban song. It was possibly because Mr. Commentary had just said to move into the workout segment and to up the level, but part of the lyrics stood out loud and clear.

"Maybe it's a little too early to know if this is gonna work"

I found it kind of ironic even though when you put the rest of the song in there it doesn't really go, but that was exactly what I was thinking at that moment. It also played twice. That is an example of my super fantastic music mixing ability. (HA!)

The next song was good ole Kenny Chesney.

"Suntanned toes ticklin the sand ..."

What other reason than being seen on the beach this summer would I be up at the crack of dawn now?!

"When the sun goes down we'll be back for more"

Yep, that is the plan. An evening strength training session.

I was burning more calories and going a bit further than I have been in the past few am workouts.

22 min into it: 160 cals & 1.5 mi

It may be programmed and kinda lame for some people, but it worked for me. I really have to tell Mr. Commentary, thanks for the little bits and bites like these: "To get to the finish line like a champion," "You can handle it," "Abs stay contracted and strong through this entire workout," "One foot in front of the other, you can do this," and "Let's go for one minute!"

30 min into it: 230 cals & 2.17 mi

2 min into slowdown

Chicago - "I do believe in you and I know you believe in me…"

"…I do believe i'm feeling stronger everyday."

I have to say, I am glad I spent the time I did picking the music I used for these workouts.

"ohhh yeah!"

It was an early morning rise, but I am certain it was worth it in the end. It's time to shower and get cleaned up for work.

35 min total
275 cals and 2.46 mi

"Feelin stronger everyday
Feelin stronger everyday
Feelin stronger everyday
Feelin stronger everyday
Feelin stronger everyday!!!!"

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