Feeling a tad behind and overwhelmed in my existence today.

Why is of course the first question that comes to mind. And my answer is:

Partly because of the insane tantrum my son threw last night at the grocery store and partly because of my inability to regain control of the situation until I forced him into the cart with a seatbelt. He sat there with both of his shoes now kicked off and at least 3 minutes of screaming terror in the aisle (just typing that gets my heart racing). I was then unable to control my emotions upon entering the door of my home. At this point, all I wanted to do was hide out in some unoccupied space in the house. The next thing I could think to do was wii box. So, i got out my wii active and did my workout, which unfortunately had no boxing, but I added in my own workout that included 400 punches and that helped - finally. But I was spent and it was now 8pm. I tossed the "ball" to my DH and he proceeded to put my son to bed for me. WHEW.

Though, that isn't all. I had to do work (not stuff for me work, but work, work). and it took me a bit to regroup and start said work. Due today work. I completed it, but that put me to bed at 11:30pm. Which in turn led to me getting to sleep sometime around midnight. Ugh.

That means, I did not get out of bed for my a.m. workout today. Double Ugh.

I'm feeling it too. The groggy, I didn't get enough sleep feeling. It's already 10:30 in the morning. I should be awake by now and it's not happening. Even with today's home brew of half hazelnut coffee, half espresso roast.

I am wondering how I am going to regain control today. What will allow me to feel less overwhelmed? Knowing I have to rush at the end of the day today starts my heart racing again> I have to make it to pick up my son, take him 30 minutes out of the way to have a bad haircut fixed before 6. I'd also like to stop by the chiropractor for an adjustment on the bad spot I ended up with while wrestling the crazed 3YO and then home to feed him and the DH, plus get in a bit of a walk/run. All that, and I will probably have work to take home again tonight.

I know I am not the only mother out there that feels this way, and would love nothing more than to commiserate with a few on the subject. But, seriously, where would I fit that into my regime?

And, now it's 8:30 at night and here I am just settling in after the crazed list above. I didn't make it to the chiro, maybe tomorrow. That's okay, cause we got the hair fixesd OH SO MUCH BETTER!!! Picked up dinner on the way home, and I fit the wii active workout in. I think "work" work is going to wait too. I just don't have it in me. I want to get up tomorrow and run. Gonna save up my energy and make it a good one!

Can you tell I am feeling a little less freaked out? Not that the list of to-do's is less, but I need a me night. A night of checking out some blogs, maybe fixing this one up to be pretty and some good sleep!

Night night!

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