It's Time

I was on the treadmill this morning and kept saying to myself, "Just. One. More. Minute." and "Okay, you can make it one more minute." It dawned on me, that time is all I worry about anymore (and yes, i get that every day of every year revolves around time).

I find myself saying time related things like:
3 minutes. That's for time out
Hurry up. (CONSTANTLY)
I need more time
Just a minute
Wait a second
Hold on

These are all negative comments and I don't like that I am relaying this sense of hurry, worry and negativity on my son.

How do I turn it around and get back to less rushing. Less negativity, and becoming happy about the time I DO have?

I decided this morning that this was a great blogging opportunity and despite that I am already overworked, rushed and overwhelmed. I am adding this to my plate.

I am setting a goal of gaining at least an hour a week back strictly for me. To read, or sleep, or walk alone. Something that requires no stress, no rush, and gives me pleasure. This goal seems like a low one to most people, but for me a single hour is hard to come by. I have attempted to get up early in the mornings this week to get on the treadmill and workout before work. That means I have to go to bed early, get up early, and I get 40 minutes to bust some calories. I am rushed, I am already starting my day, and the stress creeps in. It's not relaxing.

I want to make this am workout a habit, and maybe this becomes my 1 hour. And maybe, just maybe, that happens 4 -6 times a week (woah - I just got ahead of myself) and I am not stressed doing it any longer. But now it is a stressor because I need to train for a race.

OH, i don't start with small hurdles - this is a 10K. The race is in June, and I can't run much more than 5 min straight, let alone a 6 mile jog!

I know, I am insane.

Okay, so, I am going to try to make this blog about how I am working on becoming, healthier, happier and how this evolution takes place while being employed full time +some, a mother to a super active 3 year old, and a wife to a equally active man who wants me to have more time for him too!

Right now I will not promise daily updates, but maybe as I work towards more free time, I will be able to keep up daily?!

Feel free to post comments, suggestions, thoughts, whatever. I look forward to a new venture with TIME!

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  1. YAY! A new blog! I suggest you update daily so I have something read. :)